Authors of the zfitter/dizet project

The participation in a software project may be due to a variety of activities, including creation of code, debugging, creation of description, ruling the team etc.
For legal reasons we mention here that some of us were in a shorter term than indicated active with the software itself but rather worked - within the project - on description etc.
We indicate the period of activity if it is not continously. It is not easy to reasonably date the begin of the project. A bit arbitrarily, one may choose the first paper by A. Akhundov, D. Bardin, T. Riemann on "Hunting the hidden standard Higgs", Phys.Lett. B166 (1986) 111, submitted in 1985. What was programmed for this article, became later the standard model library of zfitter, now zfitter/dizet.

A. Akhundov (1985-1989, since 2011)
A. Arbuzov (since 1999)
M. Awramik (since 2005)
D. Bardin
M. Bilenky (1987-1994)
P. Christova
M. Czakon (since 2005)
O. Fedorenko [was erraneously not listed here; corrected 20 Nov 2011]
A. Freitas (since 2005)
M. Gruenewald (since 2005)
L. Kalinovskaya (since 1997)
A. Olchevsky
S. Riemann (since 1986)
T. Riemann (1985-3/1998, since 1999)

dizet is the Standard Model library used by zfitter.

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